Existential Artwork

Well, here I am. Somehow, I have survived a global pandemic forcing me inside a holding cell sized room for 2 years sitting in front of the same screen in the same chair with the same everything surrounding me. I'd be lying if I'd say it hasn't been rough. So many obstacles, so many problems, so many days of lost sleep and yet, I'm here. An undecisive person who has walked right up to a major crossroad. Whatever the case may be, I still feel like I'm going to be torn on the decisions I make going forward and I have made a piece to reflect that. One hand, there is the realistic side, where I can recognize my limits and aim to just go where my skills take me, which I believe is viable option, but still pretty boring. Then there's the idealistic option. The one where, as reflected in with the job posting that I chose for my cover letter, I can try and aim higher than I probably should. The side of developing skills I don't need and doing things for fun that I should not be doing.

At 19, I have the experience to begin working full-time and have a career already. I don't believe it, and not in the amazed kind of way. I still remember clear moments stemming even back to kindergarten and for some reason, despite being well over a decade/half of my life ago, it still feels like not a lot of time has passed since then.


Selected Works

RetropunkPHP Group Project

ClearlyGroup UI Design

PaintingDigital Painting

Pokedex PageInteractive Web Page

Game of LifeReact Project

Figma FlowersImage Editing

LogoPersonal Design