Logo Design

Yeah yeah, I know. "Wow, another flower motif? What's wrong with you?" well, first off - a lot of things. Second, I don't really know. I have never had a concrete logo for myself despite having designed dozens at this point. Hell, this one might even get canned too. I have never been able to comfortably make an icon and say it was a great representation of my brand. The flowers in the logo, Azaleas, are my favourite flowers simply because I think they look pretty. The "AP" is the same except I thought it looked cool. I just drew/designed on impulse. Maybe that's a the representation of me that this logo is supposed to represent.? Not sure how great it is to say "Hey! Yeah, I designed my logo, the representation of my online persona/brand entirely off of the impulse of things looking cool or pretty." Whatever the case may be, I'm sticking with it, for now.


Selected Works

RetropunkPHP Group Project

ClearlyGroup UI Design

PaintingDigital Painting

Pokedex PageInteractive Web Page

Game of LifeReact Project

Figma FlowersImage Editing

LogoPersonal Design